Driving Efficiency

Conventus Flower Orthopedics’ Ready-for-Surgery™ Cubes are an industry first, with everything you need for a more efficient orthopedic surgery case.

Redefining Efficiency &
Infection Prevention
A Diverse Range of Orthopedic Implants Designed for Optimal Performance
Delivering Innovation,
Standardization, and Value

Ready-for-Surgery Cubes

Reshaping Surgical Efficiency

Our Ready-for-Surgery™ Cubes are prepackaged with all the sterile instruments and implants required for specific surgical indications. The cubes are available in standard configurations, but are also fully customizable.

Our Cubes Can:

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Making Cases 33% faster
Each Ready-for-Surgery™ Cube includes two instrument kits that contain new, single-use, individually packaged sterile instruments that are designed to reduce surgical steps and infection risk.

There’s no costly pre-op sterilization, normal instrument wear and tear, or post-op decontamination procedures. And because they are made of metal, you have the feel and quality of traditional instruments.

Traditional Implants & Instruments


Conventus Flower Orthopedic


Ready-for-Surgery™ KITS

Increasing Surgical Efficiency & Your Bottom Line

Conventus Flower Orthopedics Kits Versus Traditional Products

2 Sterile Packed
Instrument Kits
Traditional Implants & Instruments
Multiple Non-Sterile
Instrument Trays
Non-Sterile Implant &
Screw Caddy
Our Surgical Efficiency Study outlines every
efficiency and benefit of The FlowerCube
Our Surgical Efficiency Study outlines every efficiency and benefit of The FlowerCube

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