Constrictor® Rope Syndesmosis Repair

The Constrictor Rope Syndesmosis Repair System is indicated for the fixation of the ankle syndesmotic ligament complex.

Constrictor® is a registered trademark of Dunamis Medical.

Data on file at Dunamis Medical.


  • Knotless button system comprising of UHMWPE suture and low-profile titanium button
  • Novel adjustable self-locking design to assist with graft tensioning
  • One-size-fits-all, pre-loaded, sterile implant
  • Flat Fixation Band geometry avoids “sawing effect”
  • Indicated for bone-to-bone as well as soft-tissue to bone fixation
  • Button compatible with the Flex-Thread IM Nail or the Ready-For-Surgery Ankle Fracture plating system


  • Superior fixation under cyclic loading
  • Physiologic stablization of the ankle mortise
  • Reduce risk of rigid malreduction of ankle syndesmosis
  • Reduce rate of re-operations

Pounds of Force Required to Reach 3mm of Displacement

Superior Ultimate Failure-To-Load as Compared to the Market Leader

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