HORSHAM, Pa., Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Flower Orthopedics is pleased to announce the results of a 14-month, multi-center, prospective trial comparing the use of the FlowerCube system to traditional implants in first metatarsal phalangeal joint fusions in 71 consecutive patients. This study, led by Dr. John Levin, DPM, and managed by JEM Research Institute demonstrated that utilizing a FlowerCube resulted in a 33% decrease in intraoperative time and $1,300 savings in third-party reimbursement costs for procedures performed at an ambulatory surgery center while providing equivalent clinical outcomes.

The FlowerCube is a unique, single-use, sterile implant and instrument system. It is part of a complete suite of Ready-for-Surgery solutions for foot and ankle surgery. Each product is ready-to-use and tailored for the procedure at hand.

“Flower has long been dedicated to innovative implants and instruments that streamline surgeries and reduce costs of foot and ankle surgeries,” said Flower CEO Oliver Burckhardt. “This study further illustrates and quantifies the savings the FlowerCube provides, all while maintaining optimal patient outcomes.”

Since 2012, Flower Orthopedics has specialized in Ready-for-Surgery foot and ankle surgical solutions designed to decrease the number of surgical steps without compromising clinical outcomes. Visit their website today at www.flowerortho.com to read the full study and browse a comprehensive selection of products built to improve surgical efficiency.