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Conventus Flower Orthopedics is fueled by a passion to simplify the clinical and operational complexities of orthopedic surgery with innovative solutions that transform procedures for the better, driving efficiency and improving outcomes.


Distal Fibula Nail

The Flex-Thread Distal Fibula Intramedullary Nail is an innovative, minimally invasive solution for the treatment of fibula fractures and osteotomies. The flexible nail shaft allows the implant to flex during insertion and accepts both flexible and rigid syndesmotic fixation.

Constrictor™ Rope Syndesmosis Repair

The Constrictor Rope Syndesmosis Repair system is a knotless adjustable button indicated for the treatment of disruptions to the ankle syndesmosis ligament complex. The device offers superior fixation under cyclic loading and a superior ultimate failure-to-load as compared to the market leader.*
*Data on file at Dunamis Medical



The Ready-For-Surgery Solutions are prepackaged and ready for use with all sterile implants and instruments required for specific surgical indications. The cubes are available in standard configurations, but are also fully customizable.

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